DIG EAT ALL brings together the approaching worlds of gastronomy and digital technology. This fusion drives innovation in the way we engage with food and with each other, inspiring a revolution with a truly global impact.


We foresee future challenges, challenges that can be solved thanks to the technology and tools that we are able to develop. We design our future, the rules of tomorrow.


We are what we eat and how we eat. Food offers abundant opportunities for innovation and creativity. We aim to bring the unexpected to feed the world through its five senses.


We see the world under constant transformation. We believe in the power of communities. Communities of individuals coming together. Communities leading to the solution of future challenges. Communities leading the world.

DIG EAT ALL Fast Track Acceleration Program is a five-weeks acceleration program for up to ten companies that will be based in San Sebastian, Spain. The focus is to help startups become truly global leaders while innovating in any part of the value chain of the Agro, Food or Food Related Health industries. A mentor-driven, fully-packed, comprehensive, intense program, matching your company with strategic partners in your field.



Up to 10 startup companies operating in the digital Food&Tech industry will be invited to join the DIG EAT ALL Fast Track program.


For 5 weeks, the selected startups' founders and core team members will meet industry experts, technology entrepreneurs and some of the world's most innovative chefs to shape the future of their companies.


DIG EAT ALL is equity free and brings real value to the startups: provides access to investors, offers tailored mentorship, connects with key industry players and offers the facilities and know how from the Basque Culinary Center and the Mugaritz teams.

Program Details

Up to ten tech powered Food&Tech startup companies or Food&Tech innovation projects will move into DIG EAT ALL's Fast Track Acceleration Program at the Basque Culinary Center facilities on September 1st.

They will have the opportunity to participate in a five weeks intensive program to foster their progress to become a global Food&Tech leader working close to experts in the gastronomy, food and beverages, technology and entrepreneurship fields. In the fast growing Food&Tech industry, these teams will have a unique opportunity and a competitive advantage thanks to:

  • Equity-free access policy.
  • VC funds available for selected startups
  • Ongoing mentorship support from world-class top chefs, gastronomy experts, agro industry innovators, food and beverages corporate executives, venture capitalists and the entrepreneurial community.
  • Dedicated support from Mapamundi. Opportunity to benefit from the expertise of executives in +30 countries.
  • Unique innovation expertise from Mugaritz.
  • Access to testing labs, research facilities and Food&Tech experts at the Basque Culinary Center.
  • Workspace: Dedicated DIG EAT ALL Fast Track space located at Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian, Spain. Everything you need to foster your startup or test your innovation project in a superb place just for you and your team.
  • Technical guidance.
  • Networking events.
  • Investors Demo Day.

2015 Applications open Apr 15th

If you are a disruptive entrepreneur in the emerging combination of the digital technologies and the food industries, you should benefit from this unique opportunity to foster your development speed and set the path to become a truly leader in the Food&Tech revolution.

Applications to this invitation-only acceleration program should come from tech powered Food&Tech start-up companies or Food&Tech innovation projects.

If you are innovating in any part of the value chain of the Agro, Food or Food Related Health industries, you are welcome.

If you are innovating in the input industries or farmers, passing through food processing, impacting HORECA or Retail channels or reaching directly the end consumers, you are welcome.

If you are about food innovation, improving agricultural processes, deploying tools, ordering solutions, discovery, reviews, reservations, management tools, eCommerce, online grocery or social recipies, you are welcome.

If you are about improving crops, decreasing food waste, fighting against hunger, betting on healthy life or pleasant cooking, improving restaurant management, helping consumers to access the best natural products or tracking food origin, you are welcome.

2 restaurants in the top 10 of the World's 50 Best Restaurant List since 2006
Highest concentration of Michelin Stars per capita worldwide
Home to Basque Culinary Center - the world leading educational, innovation and research institution in the Gastronomy and Food Industries

A truly special region

If there is a place in the world where you can feel passion for Food & Gastronomy in every corner, that place is San Sebastian. San Sebastian has been synonymous with a high quality of life not only today but for many centuries.

In San Sebastian, our superb natural surroundings and climate conditions have shaped a unique consciousness for natural and healthy food. Coupled with a forward looking approach to agro, food and gastronomy, San Sebastian has also transformed into a center of disruptive innovation in the food industry.

Find more about San Sebastian here.

Uniqueness thanks to the best mix of tradition and disruptive innovation

Beginning in the late 70s, the Basque culinary community has led the world driving innovation in the agro, food and gastronomy industries.

This early and continued leadership has transformed San Sebastian in a unique culinary paradise, with the highest concentration of Michelin Stars per capita and one of the only two cities globally with two restaurants in the Top 10 of the 2014 World's 50 Best Restaurant List.


The venue: Basque Culinary Center

San Sebastian is home to the Basque Culinary Center, the world's leading educational, innovation and research institution in Gastronomy and Food Industries. With the launch of the DIG EAT ALL Fast Track program, the tech and food industries come together in San Sebastian to lead a gastronomical revolution and create a transformative industry that will change how the world engages and interacts with food.

The Basque Culinary Center is a project to foster the development and competitiveness of gastronomy, hospitality and the food industry. Its main activities are higher education, research and innovation, promotion of products and brands and the organization of events developed in the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences, attached to the University of Mondragon, and Center for Research and Innovation in food and drink.

The promotion of entrepreneurship and new businesses is a key part of its mission. As a result, the Culinary Action strategy was launched to drive the creation of new businesses in areas of future growth.

Realizing the great potential of applying technology to food in order to start new businesses, the Basque Culinary Center is a key element in the launch of DIG EAT ALL.


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